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Sales: Pamphlets, photobooks, calendars

This is our sales post for photobooks and pamphlets. We have plenty of them, and decided we need to get rid of some. There are photobooks for movies and a lot of concert pamphlets! (groups included: Arashi, News, Kanjani, Kat-tun, TOKIO, SMAP, Ikuta Toma)

All prices are negotiable!
Everything in great condition.

Photobooks: Movies

Nagase Tomoya: Mukodono (20USD)
Matsumoto Jun: Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru (15USD)
Ikuta Toma & others: Hana Kimi (10USD)

Kamenashi Kazuya: Youkai Ningen Bem (20USD)

Calendars and pamphlets:

NEWS calendar: 2010-2011 *super-rare* (includes huge amount of photos) (25USD)
Tackey Summer Concert 2010 (25USD)
Kanjani8 Photo&episode  (10USD)

Arashi Japonism Calendar (20USD)
NEWS 2011-2012 calendar (25USD) - this one is not only a calendar, but the last pages include tons of post cards.

NEWS Diamond (30USD)
Live (25USD)

Kanjani8 Puzzle (20USD)
Kanjani8 Dome Concert 2009-2010 (20USD)
Kanjani8 2007 (20USD)
Yokoyama You 2010 (35USD)

SMAP Sample (20USD)
SMAP Super Modern Artistic Performance (20USD)
Kimura Takuya photobook (the third picture includes details to it. There are two books in a folder. I accidentally bought it twice in Japan. The quality is top!!) (25USD)

Kat-tun Chain (20USD)

Dream Boys 2009 (35USD)
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